You are SO not meant to be everyone’s cup of tea!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Several years ago one of my longtime friends was listening to me cry about some guy I was seeing that wasn’t working out and when I asked her what my issue was (funny I assumed it was my issue at the time), she told me, “The issue is you Laura. You are a lot of men’s fantasy and not the reality.” I remember how much that stung to hear at the time. It’s not the last time I heard that sentiment either. I spent a lot of time thinking about this. This was a period of my life when I still largely hid a lot of the woo-woo side of me from people and tried to desperately (with complete failure) fit in and be “normal.”

When I became truly aware, I completely ditched trying to be normal and went for my authentic self. I lost people along the way who apparently didn’t care for my authentic self. I’ll own that I am a lot to handle. In the process I’ve gained a tribe who get me, so I am infinitely lucky in this regard. Ah, but it’s much tricker with the opposite sex. There is a claim to want different and to be cool with less than normal (I’m guessing not everyone talks to dead spirits and hears the voice of angels and spirit animals.) So I’m lured into these sentiments thinking, aha, this one can handle the crazy and might even enjoy it. Perhaps this tribute likes a stronger cup of tea, only to find out, nope, so not the case. It really was just based on my physical features. That was the allure all along and not much else. Which of course fades so quickly.

While I passionately believe I am here in this incarnation to help and guide people, and it is my pleasure to do so, I would also like to remind people that I am an actual human; I am very real. And as an Earth bound light worker I would still like to be accepted just as I am, regardless of the exterior.

So here are my words of wisdom (if I ever really have any): Own and accept that you are not for everyone. You might not even be for just a few. That’s okay—keep moving forward till you find your tribe.

In the meanwhile, I have decided that living alone as the old lady in the shoe is going to be for my life minus the cats. I don’t do cats—I’ll be that dog lady instead.

Be well friends!!

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