Working with the goddesses

Do you have a goddess oracle deck? If you do and are wondering how you can work with the deck other than pulling a card and reading the book, which is a good way to start, maybe try this method to get a deeper meaning. Select an altar or special area in your house with all your favorite woo woo items. Select one card you feel called to. Reflect on the image for a few minutes and imagine that the goddess is trying to talk to you. What is she saying to you? How would she guide you in your life right now?

I pulled the goddess Bastet. She is the Egyptian goddess who morphs into a cat. She is the goddess of home, yin energy, and protection in these areas. When I listened, this is what I heard:

Keep your heart and home safe

“Your home is one of the most important places to keep protected. It’s where you rest your head at night and are the most susceptible towards psychic attack and negative energies that will leave you drained. Each room should be sacred. Each one should have something special in it to safeguard you—a token, feather, crystal—whatever you decide that you know means protection. Then think about the dwellers in your home. Are the words spoken kind? Is the energy between you positive? If it is not, guard your energy. Create an energy shield around yourself each morning, very early. Picture a bright blue light surrounding your body, guarding you. You can leave this shield up for as long as you need to.”

This is my intuitive psychic part I added to the message:

How do you know if your home is sapping your energy?

1. Do you feel better when you’ve been away from the house a few days?

2. Do you feel lighter when you sit outside for a few minutes?

3. If you have pets, are they restless or acting out a lot?

4. Are the humans acting out too?

5. Is there a lot of tension or raised voices?

All these things can leave energetic impressions in your space. Try to smudge your space more frequently with Sage or Palo Santo. You can also sweep more—yes like with a regular broom. It sweeps up a lot of spiritual “junk.” Create mini altars in each room with things that make you feel warm and safe. Sleep with protective crystals under your bed or by your nightstands. Try crystals in the windows too. I have large selenite wands on each windowsill in my house. Meditate or pray before sleep to raise your vibration.

You might not get as much detail when you first start, but just go with whatever comes up!

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