Working through letting go

My stream of thought on clinging

I have been doing a lot of clinging lately. Trying desperately to hold onto what little feels solid and normal right now, when everything seems shaky underground to me. I feel myself trying so hard to gain more solid ground. And every time I try to grasp for more, I know I am making it worse. YET... I find myself still doing.

I feel the only way to move forward is to just let go of everything completely. And I mean everything. Everything I am trying to hold onto.

I want to let go of all the worry and of all the trying.

And it is a LOT of worry.

And in letting go I believe I will find the key to freedom. And I need that freedom, because the trapped, stuck energy is holding me back.

Funny how what I am trying so hard to hold onto, to “save,” is holding me back from saving myself.

That the shaky ground I’m trying so hard to solidify, doesn’t need to be solid for me to move forward.

I can move forward and gain true freedom from what is holding me back. It doesn’t need to be solid…I just need to be more fluid.

So now, instead of trying to hold onto something…I’m going to practice trying to let it go. Actually, this is easier said than done because it feels terrifying to do just that.

I’m learning to let go of the outcome and trying not to go down the depressing, “what-if” rabbit hole.

And trying to be okay with just letting things be. Just however they are. Even if they aren’t necessarily good or scare me.

In a nutshell…in letting go, I gain the freedom from the worry that is trapping me. And to do this, I need to be more fluid and less clingy. I am going to work on acceptance of whatever is with me right now. That is the way to true inner peace.

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