When you just CANNOT meditate

Many of you have told me how much trouble you are having meditating of late! I feel you on this!! Even though I teach meditation it’s not as easy to get into it lately. What do you do when you just CANNOT meditate but you know it will help your anxiety?

First, let’s sidebar here on anxiety. Anxiety is so intense for many of us right now! I know it is the worst I have ever faced for such a long amount of time. I usually can befriend my anxiety with meditation and other soothing techniques, but I am more and more challenged with daily anxiety. For empaths right now the global energy that is out there can just feel so intense. Sometimes I am not sure if it is my anxiety or someone else’s anxiety. It is so tough to know where your mood and energy begins and another person’s ends. Especially if you live with that person or are energetically connected to them.

What can you do if meditation is just not for you now?

1. Take a shower at night. Water is a powerful purifier and running water is soothing. Have you tried enchanting your shower or bath? Add crystals or shells to your shower area. I have rose quartz and clear quartz in mine now. Just make sure you have crystals that won’t dissolve in water like selenite. Use a detoxing soap or one with essential oils that you find soothe you.

2. Sit outside and watch the birds or animals for a few minutes without any specific intention of doing anything.

3. Drink your morning tea or coffee outside without your phone or any technology.

4. Wear a soothing crystal throughout the day. Here are some crystals that I hear may help you from my angel spirits: lepidolite, amazonite, turquoise, amber, blue apatite.

5. Try a walking meditation or even just a casual stroll without any music or background noise.

6. Try drumming or play the gongs or other instruments you love. Maybe an outdoor drum circle is for you?

I hear a message for us from the Archangel Michael:

Remember that you have a right to peace. Inner peace can always be tapped into. It is within each and everyone of you. It is hard to deflect the negativity around you at times. You may have to try different things, employ other strategies, and adapt for success until such a time that you can be free. Your inner-peace is a precious gift. Those who continually cross your boundaries and do not understand this are meant to be short term guests, not long term residents in your life.

Sending you as much love, light, and peace as I can!!

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