Weekly Messages from the Guides


This week I see and hear the presence of two guides who come forward to help us. One was present last week as well, St. Rita of Cascia. The other is from the fairy realm, named Amanda. I know the fairy thing might seem totally crazy to you, but they are there. They are tiny little balls of energy. You see them in conjunction with butterflies and bees outside. You could catch a little flash of them by trees as well. My friend caught a beautiful picture of a bright little ball by the ocean last week with her fiancé. Her fiancé has a fairy spirit guide, so it makes total sense. The message this week is to shine on and be free of what is tethering you.

Amanda: Have you been too hard on yourself lately? Demanded perfection or some standard of yourself that you would never expect in another? Give up that ideal. Yes, just let it go. Realize it doesn’t serve a purpose for you any longer. You don’t need to hold onto that vague ideal of beauty that you decided you needed to achieve. You are just marvelously beautiful as you are right now. Why don’t you accept this fact? Love yourself. Forget about what other people might think or say. Love yourself and let your bright light shine through. You don’t need to be small and hide from the world. There is freedom in forgiving yourself for not being perfect. Maybe those aren’t excuses you are making for not doing or being ________. Maybe those are acts of daring self-love.

St. Rita: Is something holding you back from getting where you need to go? Ask yourself if the chains are in place because of you. Are you keeping yourself captive? Have you allowed yourself to believe that is the best you can do? Have you listened to the dark telling you that you are stuck? Reject all of that thinking. That will hold you down further. It’s what the darkness wants you to believe—that things are not possible. That change is impossible. But God is a possibility maker. He is the ultimate gamechanger in your life. You are never stuck where you are. Know that God wants for your ultimate happiness. Allow him into your life and that light will flood you soul. There is a light in you, and releasing that light frees your soul from the earthly tethers you’ve been feeling. And that light is stronger than any dark, toxic energy or force trying to hold you down.

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