Weekly Messages from our Guides

This week we have a spirit animal who has stepped forward to assist us along with St. Rita. Archangels Gabriel and Raphael are active as always. I have been seeing the same message for the last few months about lovers and relationships. Specifically the angels are guiding us to ask for what we need to be fulfilled and expect that will arrive very soon, but the effort must be made. Work needs to be done!

Boar Spirit Animal – Be bold in your beliefs and speak with authority in your voice. You are foraging a new path. You may need to break away from the traditions you were raised with. While these traditions may have helped to shape you into who you are today, you don’t need to carry all of them with you, all of the time, like a weight on your back. Embrace the ones that ring true for you and create your own traditions that help you to fulfill your life’s journey. Let others know you are speaking your truth and in no way wish to harm them as you let go of some of the tethers that keep you rooted in place. Now, you are in a place where you can let that go.

Rita of CasciaSt. Rita is the patron saint of impossible cases. “It may seem as if your situation is impossible or hopeless, know this isn’t true. You have the power to control the outcome. God hears your prayer. Sit in silence and speak clearly about what you need. What do you need to help you feel safe and grounded? What do you need to help you move forward? And ponder why it is you feel you need these things and why not having these things has held you back? And ask for God to help you. He will hear you.”

Call upon St. Rita when you feel like there is no hope, like your situation is impossible to get out of. She is also the patroness of domestic difficulty, so for issues of discord around the house she can assist you.

St. Rita, “Help me pray for a solution to the problems that are overwhelming my life. Help me find the path to my salvation. I can save myself by believing in myself and my power to change the impossible.”

St. Rita is known to have bees around her. If you see bees around you and a soft yellow light, you’ll know she’s close by.

Archangel Gabriel - You will be tested and pushed to the limit. Make sure your response is coming not from a place of fear, but of strength. And that the words you are speaking are coming from a place of integrity and not an attempt to manipulate others into believing as you do. There is room for all. You don’t need to hide or be fearful for speaking up.

Getting back to center is crucial at this time. You must find ways to bring yourself back to a grounded position or you feel lost and like you are drifting. Practice meditation daily for at least 15 minutes. Let yourself have that time each morning and each evening in silence to bring yourself back to center. It’s so important to do this every day as the weight of the current events will leave you drained and easily feeling off-centered and unmoored.

Archangel Raphael – As you heal your body, so you heal your soul as well. What you accepted before when you were held down or didn’t know any better is not acceptable any longer. Let your needs be known. Let your loved ones understand where you are coming from. Communicate your needs so that you are understood. Let go of resentments from the past. You are at a crossroads in your life. You must take a stand and decide how you want to live the rest of your life. Once you decide this, what you have been waiting for will come your way, but you must put forth the effort. You have to do the work!

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