Weekly Message from Spirit

This week we have two guides who are working with us on relationships. Yes, the world is crazy right now, but being home together has pushed us to focus on our personal relationships. We have the Celtic goddess Maeve with us. She helps us to work on balancing the feminine divine within us all. She is helping us to balance our yin (female) – yang (male) energy and to offer us comfort. The Celtic goddess Guinevere is also present to assist us in finding balance in our romantic relationships.

If you have been wondering who you really are as an individual outside your relationship, ask Guinevere to help you discover the truth. Is this relationship still bringing growth and joy to your life? A light will be illuminated on this and the truth may lead to revelations that accelerate change—altering the course you were previously traveling on. All this time together will either draw us closer together or make us realize we might not be quite right for each other any longer.

Even now, there is love all around us. It is in the trees we see, the birds we hear, the animals we see playing. Every single thing is connected together. It is beautiful and filled with love. Connect to that oneness and you will feel an inner peace come over you.

Peace be with you all during these trying times.

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