Weekly Guidance Message

This week two goddesses are guiding the reading for us. I hear Sekhmet who is the Egyptian warrior goddess. She is usually pictured with a lioness head and has the Ankh (symbol of life) with her. She was married to the god of healing, Ptah. I think that’s a fitting balance, a goddess of war and a god of healing.

The other spirit coming forward is Enheduanna, who you might not have heard of. She was born around 2285 B.C. in Mesopotamia. She was a poet and high priestess of the goddess Inanna. She is known as the world’s first named female author.

Message: There is a battle that wages on. Yes, it is external, but it is very much internal as well. This is what you can transfix. This is where to start. This is the place to seek answers. This is the place to ask questions. What led you here, in this place and time? And how long do you want to stay here?

You are a strong warrior—no doubt. Even those of you with timid voices and shy dispositions. How are you going to continue fighting on? How are you going to use your voice?

Strong warrior women are never powerless, but you need to work in a community. And within this community there is much work to be done. Some of it is tedious and can seem unimportant when you want to be front and center. Yet some of you will need to do this work too, together with the community in different ways. Do what you can. Know your strengths and weaknesses and put those into action.

There is also the Starling Bird who is acting as a spirit animal this week. I know this is not really a beloved bird because they can be a nuisance, however they offer messages about community, so it does seem fitting. In Bird Messages, Susie Green writes, “Close-knit communities offer protection from aggressors. To work in harmony large groups, offer not only security and friendship, but also the strength to achieve communal goals, whether these be matters of local interest or those with wide global importance. Once voice may be lost in the wilderness, but 100,000 voices will be heard, wherever they are."

Peace to all!


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