Weekly Goddess Message June 8, 2020

Goddess: Lakshmi & Lalita

This week’s goddess message is sent by Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and abundance and Lalita, the Hindu goddess of playfulness and independence.


Worry does not increase material wealth and spiritual abundance. It acts against it. Tying you down in negative, toxic emotions and letting abundance escape from your grasp. If you feel like worry has a stronghold on you right now, try this instead:

>Create a small altar of colorful flowers, tokens, symbols, shells, or things of beauty.

>Set yourself upon the altar and sit in silence for five minutes. Set the intention of what you wish to receive before you lower your gaze. And try not to think of it while sitting silently. Ask for me, Lakshmi, to help you.

>Say, “Lakshmi, help me to gain abundance in this area or with this job. I promise to commit to increasing my abundance each day.”

>And I will work on my end to help bring this to you. Don’t get frustrated when you don’t see immediate results. Remember that the karmic wheel is at play and there are lessons to be learned for your own spiritual growth. Consider these lessons a blessing too.

>Let yourself move about the rest of your day with a joyful, playfulness. Allow laughter into your day. Give yourself permission to skip worrying for the day.

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti,

Peace, peace, peace

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