Weekly Forecast Report 2.24-3.1

>Monday- Stay on Track– Have your thoughts been all over the place? You are engaging in too much future thinking. Let go of the outcome and allow yourself to just be. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

>Tuesday- Be aware– Awareness stems from being present in this moment. Allow yourself to be fully present with what is right in front of you. Be present for who is in your life right now. Are they present to teach you a lesson?

>Wednesday- Focus your intention – It is not enough to declare your intentions. Take some targeted action toward these intentions. Do a little review of what or who is helping you realize these intentions and who is moving you further from them.

>Thursday- Mind your emotions – If you have felt a little off center or emotionally drained, these are signals that you are over thinking. Calm yourself. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to be fully present with your emotions. Who is triggering these intense emotions in you and why are you allowing it?

>Friday- Limit toxins – Be more mindful towards the food and drinks you are consuming. Are you too dependent on chemicals? These are weighing down your energy and clouding your judgement. To be fully present, fully aware, you must limit toxic substances.

>Saturday- Rest – Disconnect from your devices today, get some extra rest. Take a long walk outside. Today is a good day to let the intensity of the week fall away and to not take any planned action. Rest your mind and body to prepare for the next week.

>Sunday – Magic– Prepare for magical things to float your way today. There will be enhanced dream activity, intuitive guidance, and synchronicities that manifest today. Just go with the flow and be open to whatever shows up.

Archangel Michael:

This might be an emotional week, as things that were hidden in darkness come to light. Be at peace knowing you did the best you could, and that the choices you made in the past were the best you could do with the information you had. All mistakes we’ve made are only insights into further growth for our soul.

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