Weekly Energy Report

>Monday- Communication – Pay attention to the messages you receive today. Are you reading into it too much? Look at things from another perspective. Be gentle in your words spoken. Lots of edginess out there today.

>Tuesday- Healing – If you have been praying for a healing miracle, this is a good time to see that happen. Keep praying. Be specific with your requests. Ask for healing energy to be sent your way.

>Wednesday- Surrender – Let go of the outcome. Release it. State your intention and stop trying to control the Divine. Allow yourself to receive what you need in Divine timing. Your requests ARE being heard.

>Thursday- Love endures – There is a reuniting of love. You might not have seen your love for some time, but now you will be thrown together. Appreciate one another and the time you have with each other. Nothing exists outside of this moment—so be present.

>Friday- Stretch – Be fluid like the waves of the ocean. Be flexible to sudden changes. Stop resisting the change and go with the flow. You’ll feel much more peaceful.

>Saturday- You’re ready! – You have everything you need to take flight. You can feel secure knowing that your goals and dreams can be fulfilled. You can achieve it. You just need to be the one to believe it. You are so worthy!

>Sunday – Transformation – As you shed the layers of the outer mask you wear, the world starts to see the real, beautiful you. Allow yourself to be a little vulnerable. You will find connections that are deeper with the ones you love, or you will find new connections with kindred spirits.

Communication may be very difficult at times this week. Speak clearly and gently. Try to consider the timing of your message. You don’t always need to speak right away. You can jot down your thoughts for later. Be extra mindful that many are having a hard time right now. Your message may push someone over the edge. The response you receive might not be about you necessarily but a multitude of other things as well. Try to offer as much kindness as you can!!

This week's guidance is from the Archangel Gabriel. Lean on him if you need extra guidance.

Good luck during the retrograde!


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