Weekly Angelic Healing Message


I hear two archangels who would like to communicate a message about using the angels to help us heal. We all have angels by us, more than one, and we can all tap into that source of healing to help us in our lives. This message is from the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Angels message: Use sense, reason, and intuition this week. The truth is unfolding right before your eyes. Be brave enough to accept it. You are not alone on your journey. There are so many millions of others just like you now—unsure and slightly frightened by all the changes. Know you are safe and protected. The angels watch over your home, just as they do your being. You are protected by this energy and it can help you heal. How?

1. Allow the angels to help you by calling on them by name.

2. Ask for them to protect you, your family, your home, your business.

3. State your purpose or mission.

4. Allow yourself to receive the blessing.

5. Repeat daily

For example, say, “Archangel Michael come be near me now. I need strength and support to carry out my mission of peace as the journey has become dark and dangerous. Protect me and my home. Protect all my family and pets. Cocoon me in your bright blue light and allow nothing sinister to penetrate this fortress inside myself. Thank you, St. Michael.”

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