Weekly Angelic Energy Report 3.9

>Monday- Meditation– The energy is very intense today. It’s a good day to spend time in quiet reflection or meditation. Before you react, take a few moments to breathe deeply first and consider the others’ point of view.

>Tuesday- Renewal– There will be tears and celebrations today. The arrival of news that will ultimately be for your best benefit. Set an intention to allow peace to enter your heart. All you need has already been bestowed to you by the Divine.

>Wednesday- Wisdom– Allow yourself to shine. Let the world benefit from your knowledge. Don’t keep it all inside. You have so much more to offer. Temper wisdom so that it is not prideful or boastful. Know when to share your message and when to stay silent. Keep the peace.

>Thursday- Healing – Allow the Divine to touch you with miraculous healing. Picture yourself in perfect health. Ask yourself to be healed. Be open to the seemingly impossible. Radiant health is coming your way. Remain calm.

>Friday- Signs – Look for the signs that will appear today. Allow yourself time to reflect on all the little synchronicities that have been appearing over the last few days. Connect the dots. There are important messages for you to recognize.

>Saturday- Pause – Take a break from the hectic week. Allow yourself to not be in constant action today. Go for a walk alone. Spend time outside just being. The respite is what you need right now.

>Sunday – Manifestation – If you want to move forward, you must take active steps to get on the path towards your intended journey. Have you been delayed or distracted lately? Stop and remember what your purpose is for being here. Now, think about how you can manifest this?

Crystal of the week: Baltic Amber

Amber is not actually a crystal, but a tree resin. It helps to connect you to Gaia, Mother Earth. It has a warm, soothing energy that protects and heals at the same time. It is connected to the Divine Feminine energy that is currently on the rise in the Universe now.

This week's guide: Archangel Michael

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