Weekly Angel Healing Message, June 8, 2020

This week's angel guide is Archangel Michael.

Message: There is a personal transformation that is taking place right now. You might be holding on really tightly, fighting against it, but the transformation is for your ultimate benefit. You are shedding layers you have outgrown. If you never release that which you’ve outgrown, you will be stuck in an endless cycle of lack. Remember, what you believe about yourself becomes your reality.

Letting go can feel like a small death. You might grieve these old, outdated things for their comfort, even if they weren’t in your best interest. Remember, you aren’t letting go and saying goodbye to everyone you know and starting over. You can still hold onto some of those happy, joyous memories you shared and take them out from time to time.

Buy you can’t stay there. You cannot stay where you were. You need to move forward. This can cause so much fear. You can go forward fearlessly in knowing you aren’t every really going alone. The angels, guides, ancestors, spirits, watchers, and the Divine are always with you.

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