Weathering Storms

When do we dig in and when do we let go? There is a fine line between being present and aware, and not running when times get turbulent in our relationships and being frozen in indecision. When we take no action, that is a decision. We are deciding that on some level we are okay with what has been happening and that we have accepted our situation. Is that what is for our best? And how do we know we aren’t just scared and want to run, as is our natural inclination when things get rocky? When do we stay and when do we let go? I don’t know if there is a solid answer to this. The angels tell us this:

> Be patient until you can’t be patient any longer.

> Reevaluate what is important to you.

> What will you be giving up if you let go and what will you be gaining?

> Is the suffering worth it in the long run?

>Have you searched every possible solution?

Reflect on these things for a while. Inside, you already know the answer. Maybe it will take you some time to gain your voice, to speak up, to break away, but you can do it if it’s what you believe will give your soul the space it needs to soar.

As kind people, we often internalize our partner’s problems. We make excuses for their behavior (childhood, low self-esteem, cultural, etc.) or we blame ourselves. Maybe they act differently towards me because I’m doing something unappealing? Maybe I’m unappealing? It starts to lead you to feel that you aren’t enough for that person. What your angels want you to know is that you are always enough, not in the future when your life is hopefully better or the past version of you that was perhaps younger and thinner. You are enough just as you are right now, and deserving of kindness, affection, attention, and love! If someone moves away from acting this way towards you with no explanation, know that you deserve communication as to why they are struggling inside. But they can’t avoid or forgo any conversation indefinitely. You are worth so much more than that level of disrespect and indifference.

I hope you always know your worth!!

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