Sometimes we just need to release our death-grip on the other person’s hand and walk away. We likely know it’s time to release this person, but we feel trapped and imprisoned by our circumstances. We believe it’s our lot in life. Maybe we even feel we deserve the punishment on some level. It’s not so easy to just walk away when we are emotionally and/or financially dependent upon that person. Imagine what you would do if those barriers weren’t in place. Would you still stay, or would you run as fast as you can? When we choose to move on, we unlock the doors that have been imprisoning us in our lives. It is only when we let go first, that new opportunities reveal themselves. We don’t usually get a sneak peak at the coming attractions.

Are we just supposed to have blind-faith that things will work out and we won’t be doomed or ruined if we jump ship? Not exactly. We need to have faith yes, but it needs to have intentionality around it. Meaning, we have to set our intention for what we want our life to look like without that other person in it, then we have to put action into that intention. A great way to do this, is to start visualizing what you want your new partner or life to look like. Do this every day. Visualize without any restrictions on yourself. Go all out! This is the first step forward to the road to a more fulfilled you. You have to believe you deserve it. And you do! Someone else out there will think you are truly amazing, because you are. I don’t care how many times you’ve been told otherwise, or you have believed it about yourself. You don’t need to believe the stories other people shout at you. Isn’t it funny how people think they really know us, and then proceed to tell us who we are when we have not even revealed a fraction of our true selves to them!

Happy New Year friends! Be well!!

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