Uncertain with Change

This message I received today from the Postcards from Spirit deck was so precise for me as I am leaving my position and starting many new things in 2019.

Postcards from Spirit by Colette Baron-Reid

It can be scary to start new things and leave behind the familiar. Many times this is why we don’t make life changes, because the fear of the unknown roots us in place. Without pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, we limit ourselves—never knowing how far we can go. My hope is that before you let your fear take over, ask yourself if the fear is real or imagined. Remember that anxiety is caused by future thinking. Thinking ahead of the situation, which we neither control nor predict, is not a mindful practice because it doesn’t allow us to be fully present in the moment.

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves – Henry David Thoreau

Be well friends!

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