Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates

Last night I taught an amazing group of people meditation on opening the heart chakra and guided visualizations for love. We got to talking about soul mates and twin flames. I get asked this question a lot. Is there a difference between the two? How do you know if you’ve met a twin flame or a soul mate? Does it make a difference? I have read a lot of different information between the two and I have not been sold on the concept of twin flames entirely.

I decided to just go to the source and ask the guides. I heard from the goddess Diana, that yes, they are different. This is the feedback I heard on each.

Soul Mates:

You can choose several from the path you choose to journey on. You likely have many soulmates. These are brought to you for growth and learning. They are more fluid. They are less dynamic. They are more stable. You’ve been together in many past lives and are finishing up the contract agreements you have together. They are intentional.

Possible characteristics soul mates: Deep connection, you may grow into the relationship, might not be romantic, spiritual and insightful, several past lives together, have a purpose to share with the world together, person feels familiar, like an old friend, mutual understanding, finishing up a past cycle, yin energy

Twin Flames:

Are predestined. They are something you have contracted to do in the lifetime you are in. They are required to fulfill your contract with the Divine. They can feel like a roller coaster. They are charged. They are dynamic. They can begin and end very rapidly. They frequently crash and burn. You may have had past lives together but may not have had a romantic relationship.

Possible characteristics twin flames: Deep instant connection, helps you grow, time impact, sudden onset, quick departure, dramatic, can be turbulent, not always lasting, helps move you into alignment, partner may leave, chasing energy, yang energy

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