Toxic Environments

Sometimes you are in a place that is completely toxic to your well-being and you are well aware of it. You are patiently waiting for another door to open so you can flee. Other times though, it’s not so obvious. The environment might not be brimming with hostility and aggression, but it leaves you feeling emotionally drained and fatigued. Or you may be in an environment where you just feel numb. Like your heart doesn’t sing, but it doesn’t really cry either. Wherever you are, recognize the toxicity of the environment you are in and then question why you find yourself there.

1. Ask yourself if there is a purpose for your being there?

2. Can you see beyond your own discomfort to learn this?

3. Can you stay when you want to run?

4. Do you need to change or are you there to bring about a change?

5. When do you leave? Can you see the signs guiding you?

Message by A.A. Michael channeled by Laura Giacobbe

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