Time wasters

We waste time, a lot of it. All of us do this—so no judgment here. Sometimes we waste time wishing time would speed up so we could get past whatever is occurring that we think we can’t endure. Or we waste time hoping it would speed up so that something more exciting would come up. Or the opposite occurs. We waste time wishing that time would slow down so we could enjoy whatever moment of bliss we are in—unsure of whether it will last. Or we waste time thinking about other times that were so much brighter than what we are in right now. And all of this thinking against time leaves us completely not living in this moment. Not being present or aware. And we miss out on so much by doing this.

I have fallen into this trap so many times. It’s really just me wanting to control time. Which leaves me feeling frustrated since I know I can’t do that. What to do right?

Enjoy each moment, each fraction of a second, that brings you to joy. Enjoy that moment as it comes into your being. Absorb it. Let it wash all over you. Then just let it go. It’s okay to let it all go. There will be more moments of joy and bliss. You just have to trust that. It’s not easy I know.

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