The Power of Stillness

We don’t have to be in a constant state of action to be taking action. Does that make sense? So often we feel the need to be busy all the time—to be in a perpetual state of action. We don’t stop to quiet our minds or slow down our bodies. There is a power in NOT constantly being busy. In these quiet, slow moments we are opened up to receiving Divine messages. We can hone in our intuition and gain a better understanding of ourselves or the situations we find ourselves in.

"Tread thoughtfully"
Deck: Sacred Traveler by Denise Linn TREAD THOUGHTFULLY

Hear is a message that I heard from the Archangel Gabriel:

Today is a day to be mindful of your thoughts and actions. Remember to honor yourself, so that you can honor others. Too much time is spent comparing ourselves or our lives to others. We waste so much energy in this type of minutia that we fail to see the good that permeates our lives. We strive so hard to hear messages of inspiration, but then we clog our minds with ridiculous thoughts that serve no purpose. Your intentions may be good. Perhaps you have dedicated yourself to helping others or you are raising a family. These are all noble deeds and you will be rewarded for them, but not in the ways that you imagine. Your loved ones want you to take the time for yourself to just be. To be in a quiet state, even for a few moments a day, so that you may atune yourself to the larger part of the Universe. So that you may hear a broader message. So that you may inspire others with your kind actions and thoughts. For it is an act of supreme self-kindness to give yourself the gift of time. There is always time to be well.

I hope you find a few quiet moments in your day to just be.

Be well friends!


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