The Human Heart

The heart is a funny thing. It doesn’t always seem to listen to the brain. Our brain tells us the logical path. It steers us to doing what we know we should do. But every once in a while, the heart seems to get assertive. It starts to rise up and demand attention. It tells us to hold on, to believe in what isn’t logical, to chart new territory. So a battle begins—all internal. When we see a friend struggling—going through these internal battles—remember that everything isn’t always so logical. The choices aren’t definitive. There isn’t just one pathway to success. You actually have a lot of possibilities.

Love is a strange thing isn’t it? We believe we know what it is. We believe we have chosen the pathway to love. Then we have moments. And the moments have us questioning all we knew about love. And we throw out the book on love we were using to guide us. We become uncertain. Ungrounded. Can I trust my own heart to make wise decisions? Can I trust this feeling of love, which is very heavy? Is this the right course of action?

There is not a clear answer here. It’s all a push and a pull. A back and forth. A magnetic pull towards one thing and an aversion to something else. How do we navigate all this uncertainty?

We just completely surrender. We surrender to the not knowing. We surrender the logic that the brain tells us of what we should do. We go on instincts, on the feels of a situation. And we go forth on faith, believing that the Universe truly does have our back and that we will be supported while we try to arrive where we need to be for our best and highest good. Note: I say our best good. What is best for us, may not be what is best for others. But we can’t save other people.

One of the great things about meditation is that we start to make space in our brain. When we journey inward, we make room for more possibilities. We recognize that thoughts come and go in our minds. They are fleeting. They aren’t so permanent. But when a heavy sensation like love or fear arises persistently, we allow ourselves to just sit there with it for a while. To see what it is actually stirring up for us. We are conditioned to run for the hills when such heavy emotions come up. Meditation practice guides us to stay present with it. To see what’s really going on. To realize that there is much uncertainty in our lives and we are all unified in this. We are all going through this uncertainty in some way. Who I was yesterday changes from who I am today. And it’s the same for you. But if I always want you to stay in yesterday, I’m not allowing you to flow into the natural process of change. I am not letting you just be.

Change is scary and leaves us feeling uncertain. Stick together. Allow others to be fully present in their being.

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