The Hermit

Oh, I am sure you have felt the conflict and unnecessary dramas this last week?!? That energy is starting to move away, but very slowly. It doesn’t mean that the conflicts will be resolved, but we may have the opportunity to gain insight into other’s behaviors that have long been in the shadows or even more importantly—our own.

This is the perfect time to do shadow work. What does that mean?

>Going deep inside without our ego mind getting in the way. Looking for patterns in our life and getting to the root cause. Diving really deep and allowing ourselves to understand our propensities without judging ourselves for it. This is not easy to do!

>>Also, asking the Universe to shine a light on what we could not see in other people or situations. Sometimes we block seeing things because we aren’t ready to go there yet. We may say we are, but some parts of us aren’t ready for that. Also, we must ask ourselves what we get out of staying in these situations or with these people.

This brings us to what I call Hermit season (unofficially)

Are you familiar with the Hermit image from the Tarot? What does it show?

>The Hermit is alone but not really. They are contemplative. They have a light on so it’s not completely dark. There is a path in the distance, so the card shows the possibility of movement when the Hermit is ready. It is not a “stuck” feeling so much as a meditative pause before taking action.

>>That light in the card is not really an external light as it is represented. It is 100% your inner light. You aren’t ever without that light; it is just that we forget to turn the light switch on sometimes.

To learn more try this:

>If you have a tarot deck (any kind) pull out the Hermit card.

>>Burn incense and watch the pattern of the smoke rise. Tune into that smoke and focus on the image of the card for a few minutes.

>>>Then ask your guides, “Please reveal some areas of my life that I am not seeing clearly. Help me shine the light on these areas.”

>>>>Then pull 3 oracle cards you are drawn to. Those are the 3 areas for you to reflect and work on. See if you can make any connections between these areas, barriers in your life, or reoccurring patterns.

This month may the force be with you! Avoid conflicts and dramas. Put on those bracelets of deflection like Wonder Woman. Turn inward. Retreat. Pause. Rest. Gain information. Learn. Be prepared for the upcoming journey.

If you need more help delving into these areas, consider booking a session with me:

Namaste friends!

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