Tapping Into Your Partner's Needs

Often our needs go unfulfilled because we don’t know how to express our own needs. Sometimes we aren’t even conscious we do need something. Our denial might be so deep that even when asked what we need by our mates, we fail to be able to articulate in words what we are seeking. It causes resentment, and unease start to brew inside us. Maybe it’s just a touch of laughter we need, if we are too serious. Or Maybe we need more human touch—perhaps our edges are too rough. All we know is that something is off.

So for our partners, the lesson is to remember that your mate might not know how to express their needs. And if we truly love them we can look deeper to offer kindness to them. Go deeper. Go beyond the surface. Don’t merely listen to the words they tell us. What are they not saying? Are their actions not in line with their words? Maybe they offer a false smile when asked how their day was, but you notice sadness in the eyes. Sometimes you might not know the words to say to help them. What you can offer them is an embrace and a gentleness. An acknowledgement that you are present and available to them.

Just something small could make such a difference. Remember that we can always offer kindness to one another. We have infinite stores of love and kindness in our soul. There is plenty of abundance in this area. We don’t need to hold off and reserve if for a rainy. Let your kindness and love be felt and shown by those you love.

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