Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse The Ring of Fire

Perhaps you’ve heard this already, but lore says you can catch a glimpse of fairies on the solstice, if you meditate for a few minutes near a tree—gazing upon it at dusk.

Try to get outside today and pick a tree that calls to you. Gaze upon it for a few minutes around dusk and concentrate on any flashes of light you see around the tree. Those little balls of light are usually our fairy friends flying quickly around. Up your game, by taking a few crystals with you. Try: amethyst, moss agate, pyrite, amber, clear quartz.

Message from the Fairies: Patience! Patience! Patience!

Do not let others provoke you. Sit back and respond from a calm, rational voice. If possible, get outside and get in some exercise and fresh air. It will help calm down your inner rage. Again, people will try really hard to test your patience.

During this New Moon, you are asked to believe in the magic of the Universe and to set your intentions wisely. Are you planting the seeds for what you really want to grow?

When will these things manifest?

We can expect to see a resurgence of the virus in July-August. This will delay the manifestation period till late Winter. Sometime in February you’ll see the growth from the sees you’ve planted. Again, February is SO far away. Stay patient!

What can you do during this time?

Use it wisely. Don’t fight against what is. Just be with what is. Surrender and allow a new you to emerge. You are truly going through a transformation. This is affecting many of us at the same time on the Earth plane. Who we were will be radically changed from before. Expect people to be different than you’ve experienced before. Those you haven’t seen in a long time due to the distance might not behave as you’d expect.

Just flow with it. Be fluid. Your ability to be flexible will see you through this tough time. Those who are extremely rigid will not fair as well.

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