Spiritual awakenings are not all rainbows, unicorns, love and light!

With so many opening up their spiritual gifts now, it is a profound time of confusion, loneliness and loss at times. Because you can’t go back to the you that was before. It’s no longer tolerable. And not everyone may go along on this journey with you, including some who are very close to you. But you know there is no going back. Spend time reflecting in meditation. Create space in your mind for new possibilities. Slowing down will help you gain the needed energy to move forward. You are not alone on the journey. Not only are you watched over by so many in spirit—guides, angels, masters, the Divine—you are being reunited with those Earth bound guides who are here to assist you. Find your tribe. There are others just like you. Make the connections. It is worth the effort.

Know that you are spiritually protected. That doing good work for others, planting seeds of kindness and becoming more light-filled may attract those who would like to stop your efforts. Those in darkness may have a visceral reaction to you and completely go out of their way to be unkind to you. Know you are spiritually protected as you do your work. No harm can come to you as you go about your mission of being a light-warrior. Call upon your guides for protection.

Imagine yourself surrounded in an invisible cloak of golden light. This will shield and protect you from those who wish you harm. You can do this every time you feel unsure of another’s intent towards you.

Know that you are loved!!

Channeled by Laura Giacobbe from the A.A. Gabriel

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