Soul Searching

I have heard from many of you about how tough this particular Full Moon has been. I haven’t had too many symptoms other than my usual Full Moon migraine, BUT I have noticed those I interact with go completely mental so it’s definitely a thing! Here is what I hear from the Archangel Gabriel to help us during this time:

Now is the perfect time to look upon this moon and do some soul searching. You have likely already heard or felt some inclination as to what you should do as your life purpose. Have you moved closer to it or further away from it? What is preventing you from getting there? If you had all the abundance you needed to pursue this purpose, would you still do it? Would you follow through on your commitment to the Lord?

I bet many of you are feeling extra sensitive during this time. It’s okay to be emotional and confused at times, about what’s going on. Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions then release whatever toxic ones remain that will hold you back. It is the perfect time to lift your worries to the Lord—to have hope, to believe in the better days ahead. Having peace within your heart will help you walk forward during the troubling times to come. Remember that you never, ever walk alone. You have an entire spirit team with you. You aren’t alone.

Be well friends! xoxo

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