Sending Positive Vibes

How do you actually send positive vibes? We say this often enough but what does it actually mean? Some will say a quiet prayer. Others will send reiki energy. What are you supposed to do if you fall in between those two spectrums? Not really a prayer type and not trained in the woo woo arts.

You don’t need to have a formal practice to send positive energy out to another or to a situation. Simply envision the other person in your mind’s eye and offer them love, comfort, support, joy, etc. If you are hoping to send this energy broader, envision everyone connected like dots on a map and send those positive healing thoughts to all on the map. You can also do this by envisioning the Earth on a globe.

How long do you need to do this for? There is no specific time frame. Offer what you can. If you have 5 minutes, do 5 minutes. If you only have a second or two, do that. It all makes a difference.

For example, maybe you are running to catch a train and you pass by a homeless person. You are saddened for them and the problem of homelessness seems overwhelming. You think to yourself, well I’ll just ignore it because there is nothing that I can do. You might try this instead. Pause, in your mind, for a moment. See the person, really see them. And say to yourself, I’m sorry you don’t have a place to stay tonight. I wish you safety and warmth and hope the Divine watches over you. Put this into whatever words are right for you. Now you can continue on your way, but yes, that small pause does make a difference.

That is positive vibes and you’ve just raised your own vibration too!

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