Self-Love Spell - Day 1

Day 1 | December 21 | Winter Solstice

To begin on this journey to love, first we need to open ourselves up to loving ourselves. When we look at ourselves in the mirror what is reflected? For it is in the reflection we have of ourselves that becomes mirrored in another. It is the “love” frequency that we are sending out. It is what the other person is tuning into. And how you love yourself, how you value yourself, is how others will treat you. It doesn’t matter where you are, how you look, what you do for a living—you have a special magic, a value to another. Do you believe it? That’s the key.

Self-Love Spell

Items needed:

  • piece of twine or string - mirror

  • chair

  • small bowl

  • red or pink rose

  • small scrap of cloth

Sit before a mirror. Place the rose upon your lap. Close your eyes. Take two deep breaths. Open your eyes and say the following three times:

Mirror upon me

What do I see?

Mirror upon me

What do they see?

Now close your eyes and again. Then open your eyes and gaze upon yourself in the mirror. Take off a petal of the rose while declaring what you see. These should be kind affirmations, for ex. I see a radiant being of love and light. Do this until all the petals are removed from the flower. Gather the petals, place them in a small bowl and set upon your altar. Leave them there until the next Full Moon (Jan. 28). Wrap the petals in a small piece of cloth and tie with three knots. Take your pouch of dried petals into your backyard or an outside planter and bury it.

Good luck on Day1 and Happy Winter Solstice!!


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