Retrogrades & Dark Energy

There is a lot going on this time period, with Mercury Retrograde upon us and the Summer Solstice occurring Saturday, plus the other planets that are already retrograde. YIKES!

>Mercury Retrograde – June 17-July 12

>>Venus is still in retrograde till June 26th, Jupiter is in retrograde till September 13th, Saturn until September 29th, Jupiter until September 13th.

>>>There is a solar eclipse on June 21st which coincides with the New Moon

Guides for this period: Green Tara, Buddha, Ganesh, Aretmis

Animal Guide: Wolf

What to expect during this time period?

Expect to be tested beyond your limits. If you feel like you’ve been hanging on the edge, you might be edged even closer. Expect your patience to be in short supply and the same of others. Expect periods of darkness and broodings. Be patient—things will lift, burdens will ease, and things will start to calm down around the 26th of June into the first week of July.

When you are uncertain which course of action to take, call upon your guides, access your inner knowing (your higher self) to guide you. Whatever decision you arrive at, let it come from a balanced, grounded place. Try not to let your emotions get the better of you.

There are times when you’ll feel so disenchanted with everyone that you’ll want to throw in the towel and withdraw completely. Though very tempting as that may seem, see if you can dig a little deeper. Stretch your compassion. Be the guide for others. Be the light the others cannot see. (You know who you are)

Be present to what is going on around you. Don’t hide behind civility and obligation. You don’t need to “be nice.” That is often an illusion set in place to limit our progress. You can just let yourself out. This is a time for bold action.

Be creative in thinking of solutions to help you get out of where you are. Especially if you have been feeling undervalued or unappreciated. Now is the time to strategize for the future. When you shift your mindset, you will see abundance and prosperity flow. Do not think this will be easy. This will test you and exhaust you mentally at times. Be prepared for pushback.

Others will want you to believe it’s not possible. Don’t engage in that type of rhetoric. Follow your own inner knowing. The one that believes in magic and possibility.

Green Tara: Look for the messages before you. It might not be communicated in the method you are familiar with, but there will be signs. Pay attention to the birds and animals around you. There is a deep inner knowing within you. Use that knowledge to decide what is fair and be balanced in your approach to others. It might feel like everything is on fire right now, but there is growth in the ashes. There is a higher power that is with you. You might need to ask for help gaining ground. There are allies around you. You don’t walk alone, and you don’t rise alone either. Consider why you are with certain groups or in certain work environments. What’s the purpose? What’s the message?

Laura: There is a lot going on in the world right now. We can’t ignore it even if we try really hard to tune it out! Lately I have felt a lot of dark, heavy energy. I have been contemplating where this is coming from and why it is so intense right now. I have been a light worker for a long time so I am familiar with all the tricks and mental barriers the dark will put up, but some of this is “new” dark energy. So I want to say this to my fellow light workers. There is a lot of struggle for those in darkness to stay in power. These people, groups, or structures want to stay in power and yes in darkness. Sometimes it is hard for us to accept that there is evil and darkness in the world. We tend to believe that there is some good in all. Perhaps, but remember that we all have shadow sides that we work with. Some people are in darkness because they choose to be. They have decided that the benefits they gain from oppressing others or causing them harm is worth any risk. They use fear to hold us down. That is the method of oppression—to cause you to fear so that you quiet down. We don’t all need to scream and shout to get our points across, but those of us who work in the light need to continue to do our work and not stay so silent about it. It might not seem like all these small things we do add up, like sending out positive vibes, or reiki energy, or praying for others you don’t know, or beating your drum energy into the Universe, but it DOES! Know that what you do makes a difference and each time you let another person know or help them awaken spiritually on a light filled path they will open up so many others. It is in this way that the light rises. We have to stay connected though, we truly do rise and fall together. Separatism is an illusion.

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