Reading Tarot Reversals

Happy Yule! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday in whatever way they decided to celebrate. Perhaps you received decks for Christmas or self-gifted as I did? There are a few ways to read the cards, but really there are no rules. You should interpret them in a way that is meaningful to you and the question you asked. But what happens when the cards you select are upside down—the reversals? Let’s take a look at a sample reading and break this down.

Chakra Wisdom Tarot (Tori Hartman), Crystal Power Tarot (Jayne Wallace)

I read the tarot a little differently than oracle cards. With oracle, I usually just read them upright regardless of how they appear. In tarot though, I read them both ways. Some believe that the reversals are heightened messages or there is a special emphasis on these cards. I tend to view them as shadow messages. “Reversals can act as keys to unlocking imbalances or blocks in your life. They may highlight underlying issues or bring into focus emotional process or internal turmoil.” (Leah Markman in We’Moon)

Everyday Witch Tarot (Deborah Blake), Tarot of the Angels (Giordano Berti)

What do we mean when we say shadow side? I tend to think of it as the stuff that lies dormant within, just below the surface, peeking out on special occasions. The stuff we avoid in the mirror. The things that cause us to feel uncertainty about ourself. These can be our human propensities.

Here is a short video on how I would interpret these cards in a reading. Blessed Be!!

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