Prayer List from the Masters for the coronavirus

I’ve had requests for some guidance as to what exactly to say during the prayers that I keep hearing spirit advocate for. You can say whatever you feel comfortable with and to whomever you feel connected to. I asked the guides for some advice and this is what I hear from some of the masters. I hope it helps!

Archangel Raphael- Thank you for keeping me and my loved ones safe. I ask you to help heal the world by surrounding all beings in your green ray of light. Let this envelop us and keep us whole and healthy.

Archangel Michael – Protect me and my family from harm. Keep my home safe and guard it with your blue ray of light. Please keep the world safe from enemies in the dark.

Jesus – I pray to you to keep us all safe and protected. Please send your healing energy to all of us on this planet. Please raise the vibration of Earth so our immunity is boosted, fear is lowered, and the virus is dissolved.

Mother Mary – Please wrap me in your arms and offer me comfort during this fearful time. I know you are with me and I am never alone. I have nothing to fear as I know God is always with me and I am never far from him.

Saint Corona – Please help us eradicate this deadly disease. Pray for us that we all come together, united, to stop the spread of the coronavirus. I know that God hears our requests and prayers and is watching our actions very closely at this time. Keep us united in spirit while we are physically apart.

Moses – God protect me from any evil or harm that is trying to insinuate its way into my community. I pray to you to keep us safe from this virus. I know I have the strength to carry on despite the odds. I am ready to take my place as a leader. I trust you to guide me to the path of success. I am your servant.

Ganesh - Please help us to remove whatever obstacles are in place right now. I know these delays are only temporary. I know life will return to a state that is even more blessed than my present state. I am in gratitude for what I do have and know that it is enough to sustain me. I know that joy is all around me, regardless of what is going on outside my window. I am at peace.

Lakshmi - Thank you for bringing abundance into my life. I know that money is just energy currency and I can cultivate more of it. Please guide me to the best resources available to me. I release any resistance to receiving abundance. If I have made any past life vows of poverty, I release them now as they no longer serve a karmic purpose for me.

Stay safe friends!

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