Peace and Pandemics

Yesterday my anxiety was through the roof. Like many of us I am sure! This whole apocalypse thing can put you slightly on edge. We are being bombarded with a lot of different messages. The truth is that we don’t know everything. I don’t know what will happen or change. I’ve been doing all this future thinking. What if we can’t go back to work for months? What if I can’t pay my bills? What if I run out of something? What if this vaccine doesn’t come out soon enough? Lots of what ifs! It was to the point where I downloaded the audiobook End of Days by Sylvia Browne! Yes. We are talking full-on crazy here.

All the what ifs are future thinking. And future thinking causes anxiety. It is fear based thinking. It’s this scary unknown we can’t control. And that is terrifying.

I don’t know what may happen tomorrow, but I do know constantly thinking about the future is not helping me find peace. Future thinking is not being present in what is going on today, right now. Last night, I finally drifted off to sleep when I put on Steve Nobel’s Wellness Shield Meditation (available on YouTube) and allowed myself to surrender and disconnect.

I plan on being present today and just showing up for whatever happens right now. My anxiety started to release the more and more I remembered this throughout the day.

A Message from Mother Mary: Beloved children of God, you are not alone. Fear not, for the Lord is with you. He hears your cries and sobs. Know that he is just and will keep you safe from harm. Keep your faith in him and in each other. Treat each other with kindness. Allow your fears to recede, knowing that the end of your plight is near. Keep love in your heart. And do all you can to help one another feel safe. You have the key the solve this. Call upon me when you feel overwhelmed and I will comfort you. Be at peace children.

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