Palindrome Attraction Ritual

Take advantage of this rare palindrome today by doing some energetic healing and working on attracting your intentions.

1. Ask very specifically for your needs to be met. Notice I say YOUR needs. Work on yourself first so that you are strong enough to help others later.

2. Write down these needs on a sheet of paper. Use a green piece of paper if you have it.

3. Say the following three times… Thank you Universe for providing me all that I need to meet my needs. I know that there is more than enough for all and that I am deserving of attracting what I need into my life.

4. Leave the paper out overnight on a windowsill that catches moonlight. Sprinkle a little sea salt over it and place a few crystals on it. Use whatever crystals you feel called to. Clear quartz would work amazingly well here!

5. In the morning, burn your paper and thank the Universe for working in your favor.

Remember that you may receive things not exactly as you pictured. Pay attention to what does or does not come your way in the next few days!!

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