October New Moon & Goddess Durga

Happy New Moon! To say the energy has been intense is such an understatement. Mercury Retrograde is already impacting us big time and Mars is so close right now that we can still see it. Mars continues to cause conflict and spats, along with the miscommunication that Mercury Retrograde brings about.

How does the moon affect us?

1. Are you sensitive to the moon cycle? Do you feel headaches, sleepless nights or a sense of being a bit off, more emotional, or ungrounded during the new or full moon? If so you may be moon sensitive. It’s good to know how you work within the cycle so you can tap into its magic.

2. How to use the New Moon to assist you? A simple thing you can do is set your intentions. These are things you would like to bring into fruition. Remember that goals are not the same as intentions. Goals are specific and time orientated; like staring a new work-out regime. Intentions are fluid and loose. Reflect on this for a few minutes, then take a few slips of paper and write down your intentions tonight. Place them on your altar or special spot under a crystal you feel called to. Leave it there for 5 nights and let it go. Ask your guides to start assisting you in manifesting these things. Burn the slips after the 5th day and let them loose in the breeze outside.

Tomorrow also starts the celebration to the goddess Durga called Navarati. For 9 days we celebrate all the forms of Durga. Who is she? She’s the Hindu goddess of war and a symbol of Shakti— Divine Feminine Energy. In mythology, she is often seen slaying the demon in the form of a buffalo. She reminds me of Archangel Michael who is our warrior angel. He is often seen slaying satan at his feet. Just like Michael, Durga is our protector and safeguards us.

Durga has many forms. She is at times the goddess Parvati. Parvati helps us with peace and harmony in love and family. She is also the goddess of the moon. So she is helpful to connect with during these moon cycles.

A message from Durga: Expect twists and turns in the storylines you see playing out. There are a lot of dark energies trying to influence your decisions. Stay focused on what feels right to you. If another’s energy is constantly bringing you down, decide if you want that around you. Keep your senses sharp. Don’t dull your intuition with toxic or harmful substances. You’ll feel some relief from this heightened state at the end of January 2021. Until then, use this time to explore yourself more. What more can you learn that brings you closer to your higher purpose?

Namaste Friends!

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