New Moon In Leo

The new moon is a great time to manifest our intentions for the upcoming few months. Contemplate what areas you would like to nurture more. I used a simple 5 card spread and asked the goddess Artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon, for some insight into what is in store for us as a group. You can use this spread on your own to customize this for yourself. I used a combination of three oracle decks: Sacred Traveler, Queen of the Moon, Zodiac Reading Cards. You can use whatever you feel called to!

1. You are working towards abundance. Laying down the foundation for the future. Think about seeing things from a different perspective. Picture yourself abundant. Don’t waste time envisioning what you don’t want.

2. Fear is the ultimate thing that will hold you back from abundance. Work on your shadow side. What is really gripping you in fear now? What storylines do you buy into? And why? Fear is the dark side of the moon. It operates in the shadows. What can your shadow side reveal? And what can bring it to light?

3. Now that you have identified the dark or fearful patterns existing in your life, see if you can work towards discovering what is real. Why do you believe these stories about you? Have you challenged them? Are they really representative of you? What do you lose or gain by giving up some things that have held you down? If you are a lightworker, why have you been placed in dark environments? Are you trying to heal family karmic wounds? If you are a lightworker in a dark environment, why are you called to be there? How will you know when your work is done and it’s time to move on?

4. If you do this shadow work, you can expect to move more clearly towards your destination. Your journey may be lonely and seem long, but there is a bright future ahead of you. Better days are coming. This is a time period to move forward. You might not be able to see the final destination, but you can walk forward trusting that each step you take is Divinely guided to help you get to your next step of the journey. It might be scary. You are not alone.

5. You can achieve so much in one year. It’s all about using your communication skills. Do you have talents that you keep hidden? Have you considered sharing these? Do you feel misunderstood by your partner? Speaking your truth—when coming from a place of love—will help you move forward. It might seem like things are dormant now, but movement lies ahead. There are places to go, things to see, and new relationships to be forged.

Where you are later will be determined by the inner work you do now.

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