New Moon in Aquarius Forecast

If you see these numbers popping up over the next several days, they are messages from the angels. Gentle reminders of things to consider. 12, 3, 5, 2, 1

#12 – manifestation, ascended masters

#3 – fortune, opportunity

#5 – pursuit of dreams, prayer

#2 – intuition, clarity

#1 – oneness, hope, peace

Crystals to use during New Moon

Baltic Amber – balance emotions

Amethyst – emotional healing

Pyrite - abundance manifestation

Clear Quartz - mental clarity

Carnelian - motivation

Angel message from Archangel Chamuelthe angel of love and healing relationships

During this New Moon, consider what it means to be love. Not to be in love or to love something or someone, but to truly BE LOVE. To radiate love from your heart chakra out to all beings. To connect to the oneness of all. To understand we share LOVE, even if we don’t know each other. It’s okay to let others see your love. Through your vulnerability you gain strength, not weakness.

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