New Moon in Aires

During this New Moon period we are again challenged to look deeper into our personal relationships. We will be pushed to the limit in certain situations and may not know how to break free. Our confinement will leave us feeling the need to break free at times.

In relationships: Do what you know to be the right thing in your heart. Have you been giving too little or not enough? What are you holding onto and why?

There will be many changes upcoming. It will be a very emotional time period. Old issues are brought up and rehashed. Words will be said in anger that can’t be taken back. Be cautious of the words you use with each other. Do they really need to be said? Can you let it go? Or have you not spoken your truth and you really do need to speak up?

This is a time period for personal growth and deep insight into what motivates you as a person. What really drives you? What do you need from your partner? Can they give this to you? Have you asked for it?

Moving into the dark void of the unknown, can leave anyone rattled. Some will rise to the occasion and respond well; others will leave us saddened by their thoughtless behavior.

A Message from the goddess Athena: Now is the time to hope for the better days that surely are coming ahead. Think about if you want to spend the rest of your life in the current pattern you see yourself in. Is that enough to sustain you in the future?

Key concepts for this New Moon period: Balance, Expansion, Revolution, Healing, Surrender, Optimism

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