Moving On

Let me explain what the pictures mean here before I get to A.A. Michael’s message about moving on. I can’t actually recall how old I am in that picture of the left, but I remember being in my friend’s wedding and being thrilled to fit into a size 4 dress. I also recall not eating most of that week. I remember being miserable. I remember that period of time as being the height of my battle with myself (at the time I thought I was in a battle with my body-I know better now). I don’t talk publicly about this part of my past life. As I have started living more raw (a.k.a. authentically), I have decided to let it all out there in case it helps someone else too. The picture to the right I just took a few weeks ago at work. So, I am older, wiser and less obsessed with looking perfect. I say less and not completely over it because I am not over it. Is anyone 100% pleased with themselves all the time? I still have moments where I am riddled with doubt, beat myself up, and do not want to leave my house. Those times are no longer that often now. And the middle picture is the real me, no filter, no makeup.

Many years ago, I decided to move on from that part of me that cared about being perfect or looking a certain way. I just kind of gave it up like I did when I became a vegan. I gave up something that I knew was hurting me and wasn’t for my best good. I decided I didn’t need it anymore. This was over the course of many years but little by little I let go of certain things that I didn’t need. I hope that makes sense?!

Moving on doesn’t mean throwing it all away and starting over. It doesn’t mean you are running away from home. It just means that you are disentangling yourself from people or situations that are not helping you live your best life.

Chances are you already know who or what you need to move on from. It’s not really a mystery. But there are probably a million little entanglements that keep you rooted where you are.

Disentangle these little webs, little by little, so you can get on with truly living in the present as you were always intended to. Awaken to your full potential. There is always time.

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