Messages from the other side

For those of you who don’t know how these messages work for me, I will explain a little as best I can. At different times certain people will come through-saints, angels, masters from different religions. The person will come through loud and clear with a message. It’s like someone leaning over my shoulder and talking directly in my ear. And the messages vary, as does the tone and language of the message. That is why they aren’t always similar when I write something. Whatever faith you ascribe to or spiritual system you work under, the messages are all uplifting messages for all of us that I think we can find some common meaning in. Today as I was in the tomb of St. Francis, I was overcome with such emotion. I heard the message below from him, and it was said with such love and peace. It was really beautiful to hear.

A Message from Saint Francis of Assisi at his tomb in the Basilica of San Francesco,

Assisi, Italy on 11.30.2019

Children-you are all children. You think yourselves so old, but really you are so young. You don’t feel this way though? Are you so drowned by your sorrows in life? Uplift. Uplift yourself. Raise yourself up to meet the Lord, who is ready and able to help carry your burdens. Keep faithful. Pray often. And always make your way towards the light. The light is the only way. It is salvation. Keep believing in miracles. Miracles are often right in front of you. Are you not seeing them? Look for the messengers to help you seem them. Look for the birds and the animals and the gentle souls who are all around you. They will help you. Be kind to one another. There really is no other way to be. And stay in this eternal state of bliss, with this love for the Lord. And he will grace you with eternal life. Amen

-St. Francis of Assisi. Channeled by Laura Giacobbe

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