Messages from Spirit 3/18/2020

Some of you reached out to ask me if this was my interpretation of the messages I hear from the guides. This is not that. In the “Messages from Spirit” I am just transcribing/channeling the information directly from whomever wishes to speak to me. That is why the language is a little off sometimes, and it is not how those who know me would hear me speak. I speak to many masters and guides. Over the last few weeks, I have been asked to spread the messages from Jesus and Mother Mary most often. I understand that some of us may have a particular feeling about that and that it may not resonate with us personally. I myself am not super religious, but super spiritual so I am also surprised at times by the messages. I hope you find them inspiring, as I believe that is the intent from the guides who wish to communicate with you. There are many masters and many messengers who can hear and transcribe the messages. I am only one of many. Others may hear something different. That’s okay. There is room for all. -Laura

A Message from Master Guide Jesus: There is a cleansing of the Earth going on right now. Take care of your precious resources. They are all around you. Are you protecting the land and the sea? Are you seeing the big picture? Or are you only focused on your little area of the world? You are not different from each other. You are all the same. Not one of you is immune to disease or disaster. You are all one. Be together in community. Spread the love you have inside you with each other. Spread this to the world. Let my Father hear you. Shout his name in praise. Give your thanks to God—for truly he is your salvation. That is the path and the way forward. Be peaceful! It seems impossible to be peaceful right now doesn’t it? But it has already been granted to each of you by the Father. Reach inside and grab that peace. Hold onto it. And let go. Just let go and surrender. You will be okay. You are not alone. I am with you. I can hear you. Talk to me. Pray to me and I will help you. Keep singing the praises of God. You are not being punished. You are being awakened. Many of you were barely living before. You were already asleep long before it was your time to be asleep. Wake up. Be alive. Be filled with a curious wonder about everything that is around. Pay attention to nature and the animals. I will visit many of you in your dreams to offer you comfort. And my arms will be outstretched wide to great you. Peace be with you all always!

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