Message for Winter Solstice & Full Moon 2018

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

This is our message from the Goddess Athena that I heard today,

“On this day, Full Moon, and upon the Winter Solstice, my wish for all is that they understand how to truly love. That even if they have been hurt before, it’s okay to love again. It’s really a decision you arrive at. That you can be love to all. You don’t have to hide yourself away. Ask yourself if you are doing things out of love or is your ego getting in the way?”

Deck: Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Some time last year I was reading a historical fiction book (no I don’t recall the title, because I don’t use Goodreads like every other librarian) and the lead character says this about happiness, “Does it require a particular talent to be happy? I’ve come to think that the condition of happiness is something a man chooses, rather than something that merely befalls one.”

A few days later I was at mass and my priest’s homily was on the topic of love. He talked about how love is the thing that is most sought for and misunderstood—to love and to allow yourself to be loved. Father Stas goes on to say, “Love is a deliberate choice. In this way one can’t really love unless they take away the noise in their head that regards what they want first and foremost. It is to consider what is better for the other person. People use this term so frequently, but not with the true meaning.”

His message was so meaningful. To love is a deliberate choice we make. It’s not just something that happens. Some feel they are not worthy of love, or this might be a sentiment that one doesn’t want to acknowledge but is there deep down inside. We are the writers of our own story. We don’t have to believe the story that others have told us or that we tell ourselves. So if someone made you feel unworthy of love or unlovable, that is a complete falsehood. Don’t buy into that. We can choose to be happy and kind, and to shine love out to all. When we do this, we will see the love returned to us many times over. If this feels overwhelming, take a deep breath. The angels will support you.

May you find love and peace within yourself this holiday season.

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