Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Retrogrades affect us all a little differently, but I think this one is going to be intense! I have already had so many issues with my electronics not even one day in. I was also born during Mercury Retrograde and a Full Moon. Double yikes! Where is Mercury on your birth chart? You can look up your chart online or use an app like Co-Star. If your sun sign is Virgo or Gemini, then Mercury is likely to affect you more as it governs your sign. These signs are dualistic in nature as is Mercury itself. I would use the Lovers card in tarot as imagery for this duality.

Retrogrades have the hallmark signs of communication issues, travel delays, electronic issues, but there is so much more. For me, the retrograde manifests as a feeling of wanting to get my message across and it not coming out quite right, causing frustration. Consider your partner as well. How are they effected by the retrograde?

Areas to focus on for a smooth(er) retrograde:

1. Foods – Consider eating clean, organic foods and having vegetarian/vegan days. I know everyone will think I’m biased towards a vegan lifestyle, but meat is a low vibrational food. It settles into the root chakra and stays stuck there for some time, making it harder for kundalini energy to rise. If you do mantra meditations, you may already be aware that performing certain chants is not advised with meat in the digestive tract.

2. Clarity – Use the time away from people to see motives, patterns, and to connect issues. This is a good time period for astral travel or deep meditations like Shamanic journeys. There are a lot of good options on YouTube. I do Steve Nobel’s transmissions and John Eustor’s Shamanic Journey to get into a deep state.

3. Increased Intuition – Pay attention to your intuitive hits. Don’t ignore it. If you’ve been working to open up your 3rd eye more, consider working with certain crystals during meditation to further this. You can place them right on the 3rd eye as you meditate. Crystals: lapis lazuli, clear quartz, sodalite, angelite

4. Prayers & Spells – It’s a good time to be specific and ask for assistance from your guides. Try to keep yourself on a regular prayer or mantra schedule, preferably in the morning. Take time to set up your altars for rituals and pick out a few spells that call to you.

May the odds be in your favor this Mercury Retrograde!

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