Mantra Meditation

Are you still having a hard time meditating too? I started doing mantra meditation with mala beads recently. Unlike insight, Vipassana, meditation or breath work, mantra meditation is a concentration practice. The focus on the breath is light, about a 20% awareness on the breath. The rest of the time you are concentrating on saying the chant, either silently or aloud, and moving the mala beads over. What this means is you are still aware you are breathing and you may need to use a technique when outside thoughts arise, but it's not as likely to distract you. You can close your eyes or lower your gaze as you move through the beads. If you find thoughts coming up, which is natural, just say "thinking" gently to yourself and continue chanting.

Why mala beads?

A string of mala beads traditionally has 108 beads. You don't include the master bead, usually located where the tassel is. You would chant the same mantra each time all the way around the mala string. You could do this once or several times around the string. I did a simple chant 4 times around today and it took me a little over 15 minutes to complete.

What to chant?

That's up to you! You could do a simple common chant like Om Mani Padme Hum. This is the traditional Buddhist meditation of compassion. If you aren't sure you can look up chants and see which meaning resonates with you most.

Good luck trying out this meditation!

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