Manifesting Monetary Abundance

This is the time of year when we may really start to feel out of balance with our finances and wonder how we are ever going to pay off all of our debts. Trust me, I do know the feeling. There is no sexy, wealthy side to librarianship or holistic work. But before we get crazy and bogged down in worry, let’s remember that money is just energy. It’s energy currency. And it’s fluid. Sometimes we have more of it, other times less. There is an ebb and flow to it. It’s not the same thing every season, or even every day. Yes, we need to have hope that the flow will come back to us if it’s been out of reach for some time, but that’s not enough. That’s just step one. We have to begin where we are right now—to be present and accepting of where we are in life. We don’t define our worth or value as human beings on how much we make a year or the balance in our checking accounts. Our value as humans is based on the things we cannot monetize—love, compassion for others, and basic kindness. Yet a lack of money can make us feel like our joy is being diminished.

How do we move past hope? How do we get a spiritually based financial plan in order?

1. We realize that we are infinitely abundant. That abundance is all around us. That we can tune into this frequency, this current of energy. And that the world has enough for all of us.

2. We give as much as we receive. We have partnerships and balances with those we love. There is no power struggle. We don’t use money to control the other or to gain their love.

3. We trust ourselves and the guidance we can tap into. We trust our intuitive senses and know we are being steered to the best possible outcome for ourselves and those around us.

4. We seal off any dark, low level, toxic energies that try to infiltrate our bank accounts or our money in general. We use the violet flame to disintegrate these shady energies from trying to bring us down.

5. We give and receive with joy. Even your bills! Change your attitude towards the money that goes out—yes even to Comcast. Remember that money is just energetic currency. Each time you write out a check, transfer funds, or online bill pay, say “Thank you Universe for providing me with the money I need to pay this. I know that my checking account is only temporarily relieved of these funds and I know that more money will be replenished into my account.”

6. In your mind’s eye, visualize your bank account with money in surplus. Be specific. See a dollar amount in your ledger.

7. Don’t give up hope. Don’t ever say or believe that your circumstances won’t ever change. To say that is to not believe that miracles can and do occur. They do! We just don’t control the how or when. We don’t control the Divine!

8. Keep being as kind and generous as you can be. You don’t need to give money if that isn’t what you have. You can give your love, your time or your energy. Whatever you have to spare will be appreciated!

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