Manifesting Intentions...what's the hold-up Universe?

Manifestation is all about setting the intention, then surrendering and releasing it to the Divine. Trust that the details will be worked out in your favor. Your mission is to have patience and believe. To believe, when you can’t see how what you need will ever manifest, means that you have to give up control and have faith. It’s not so easy to do at times. Especially if you’ve been burned in the past before, or your intentions did not materialize. Stay focused on doing the best job you can, on being the best friend, the best loving person you can be in this present moment, while the Universe is working behind the scenes to help you. Sometimes we think the Divine has totally ignored us, or we think we have been stuck in this nightmare forever. Perhaps it’s your perspective on the situation? Are you stuck because you are learning a lesson and growing? Maybe you aren’t manifesting that intention because an even better one is arriving? Be open to all possibilities. Remember, the ego mind will often deceive us and tell us all sorts of nonsense, like we aren’t deserving enough, or we haven’t worked hard enough, or there is no Divine to help us, or we aren’t loveable. Yeah, ignore all that. Your intuitive voice is always speaking to you in a loving, kind, gentle voice that accepts you wholly as you are right now.

I hope you feel amazingly beautiful today, and that you let others see your spirit shine bright!

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