Loving Exchange Ritual - Day 5

Day 5 | December 25 | Christmas Day

Sometimes we let our frustrations and fears manifest in our relationships. If we can’t express these fears, we may lash out on the other person. Projecting our fears on them. Causing confusion and hurt on the other person. If we are the other person, we may have to stop and take a step back to see what is really going on. What is the root cause of what is manifesting? At times a small issue can create a lot of havoc in our relationships if left untreated.

If you are not reunited with your soul mate or going it alone by choice, don’t stop believing in your ability to manifest love. You truly never are too old. We all have quirks and faults. Instead of trying to hide those, embrace them. Instead of wishing you were something else—richer, smarter, thinner—love yourself as you are presently. Not what you might be in the future and not what you were in the past. The present you is loveable and deserving of love. Don’t let doubt take root.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, expressing love, either to each other or yourself is one of the best things you can do to strengthen love. If you are single, show yourself that you love you by caring for yourself. Stop and do things for you that are important for your growth. If in a relationship, don’t forget to offer each other small tokens or gifts to show your love. They don’t need to be monetary, a simple, “I love you” post it note can brighten someone’s day and show you care and think of them.

Love is like a flower. It needs watering and tending to grow. Without it the flower will wilt. That is what happens in the relationship. You start to wilt, your sparkle dims. This happens at times after a while in a relationship. You may wonder how you get this back. Remember that you have to continually put some energy into the relationship. You can’t do nothing and think the other person will continue to thrive. After time, it causes resentment and feelings of neglect. Just as you water your plants each day, making an offering, so you need to make an offering to your partner.

This ritual is a little exercise to get you back in the loving exchange of energy. If you are solo, it is modified. Working on self-love opens you up later to having boundaries when your soulmate does appear. When you show your love to yourself, you show your potential mate how you want to be loved.

Loving Exchange Ritual

Do this in the evening when it is reasonably quiet.

Items needed:

  • White candle

  • 2 pieces of candy (or something sweet like strawberries)

  • Music that makes you feel love (tango, violin, etc.)

If doing this together:

Sit facing each other. Light the candle between you. Play the music. Offer each other the sweet to eat. One person at a time and say this as you offer it to one another:

I offer you this sweet.

As a reminder that life is sweet,

And not bitter.

I offer this to be kind.

Hold hands and watch the candle burn. Together say:

White candle burning between us,

Keep us in peace and harmony.

So mote it be.

Watch the candle burn until you feel the spell has done its magic.

If doing this alone:

Play the music. Light the candle in front of you and say:

Hekate, my life is sweet,

Not bitter or cold,

I believe in me,

And will not grow old alone.

So mote it be.

Eat both sweets and watch the candle burn out while connecting with the goddess to assist you in your love pursuits.

For those of you celebrating, wishing you a Merry Christmas! Buon Natale! Feliz Navidad!

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