Lover's Tea - Day 2

Day 2 | December 22

Sharing a magical pot of tea can strengthen the bonds of love. If you are alone or your partner is not participating in this ritual, you can still do this. Use 2 cups of tea, but in the opposite cup you will offer your tea to your future love or to your partner in absentia.

Lover’s Tea

Item’s needed:

  • teapot

  • mint tea

  • 2 teacups

  • honey (or agave for vegans)

Brew a pot of mint tea. Add honey. Set out two cups on your table. While the tea is brewing, enchant the brew by saying the following:

Magical tea, Mystical tea,

Brew love for me.

Send me my love,

Return love to me.

Wherever they may be,

Let love come to me.

Pour the tea and drink the brew. If doing this ritual alone drink both cups as an offering to your mate in absentia. Blessed Be!

For Day 3, have a piece of Rose Quartz on hand.

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