Love is the Soul's Light

Is the Mercury Retrograde making everyone emotional and crazy? I find that the only people who tell me they don’t notice anything different in the atmosphere are usually the people who don’t know they have been on the crazy train all along. This one seems rougher than usual, but the end is in site! Each morning I pick out new crystals for the day based on what the Universe tells me I will need. Today I picked out: lepidolite, amazonite, black tourmalinated quartz, blue apatite, herkamer diamond and clear quartz. Wow! This was so on point for the goings on today, especially after reading Alex Myles FB post today on this day being the Most Intense Energy Shift of the Year.

Lepidolite – Anti-anxiety; mood stabilizer; creates calm & tranquility during stress.

Amazonite – Anti-anxiety; releasing toxic emotions; heart healing.

Black Tourmalinated Quartz – restores harmony and tranquility.

Blue Apatite – Clears mental fog; releases toxic emotions.

Herkamer Diamond – Boosts clairvoyant & clairaudient abilities; increases spiritual vibration.

Clear Quartz – manifesting realities; programming intentions; clarity of mind; focus.

Several months ago, I was listening to Pema Chödrön’s lecture Perfect Just as You Are and she talks about the act of giving love when you are at your lowest point, in your ugliest point in life and that person who sticks with you even during this period of ugliness. She believes that this creates a transmission. And this transmission is what benefits both the giver and the receiver.

Often, we think of abundance in terms of monetary things. We’ve maybe heard about having an “abundance mindset.” Which is this concept of not believing in the scarcity of things. But this abundance mindset goes beyond money and is true for love also. We have an infinite supply of love given to us from the Divine. We don’t need to “reserve” it for special people or for the “right” or “deserving” person. We can just give this out to all who cross our paths. We won’t run low on our love supply. There is a constant replenishment, as you put out, so you will receive.

We may have experienced that breakup for example, where we are in turmoil of letting that person go and of that love we once had. Yes, we are letting go—cutting cords—but we can still hold love and kindness in our heart space for that person. We don’t need to cut off the supply in order to love someone new. It’s the same way with friendships, acquaintances, or even those we don’t know at all. We can send our love out to those people or to all beings in the world (if you’ve tried lovingkindness meditation you understand this concept). We don’t have to limit our love.

Now that is not to say we need to hang on to that partner, that friend, that whoever, who may be toxic to you. I don’t mean it in that way—no need to martyr yourself. I think we all have these great moments of clarity, when we have just had enough of whatever situation we are in and we take back our personal power. Sometimes goodbye is an act of self-love. We say goodbye to those who no longer fit into our journey or we have outgrown. Perhaps we always knew or now just realized that they are not for our highest and greatest good.

When I talk about this concept of love and when I say I love you to someone, I don’t necessarily mean I am in love with you. It’s just an acknowledgement that I see your beautiful spirit and my heart center opens up space to recognize this. It reminds me of when I was in India traveling and everyone greets you with Namaste, which translates to the Divinity in me, recognizes the Divinity in you. So this I love you, is just an acknowledgement of the bright light that is within the other that I see and recognize. I don’t need any acknowledgement back. It’s not an, I love you so now you need to love me. It’s just a softening, an openness in the heart space. It’s definitely a transmission, as Pema speaks about in her lecture.

Pema lists four qualities that unite us all. These are:

Love, compassion, joy, and equanimity

I think we can open up our hearts to all these qualities that will unite us.

The Four Limitless Ones Chant:

May all sentient beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness.

May they be free from suffering and the root of suffering.

May they not be separated from the great happiness devoid of suffering.

May they dwell in the great equanimity, free from passion, aggression and prejudice.

Sending you lots of love friends!

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