Lion’s Gate Portal 8:8

This Thursday 8:8 is the yearly cosmic alignment know as the Lion’s Gateway. It is believed to be a time where there is increased surges of energic frequencies as the veil between worlds is thinner at this time. During this time the Sun moves in the sign Leo and the star Sirius moves to its closest position to Mother Earth. This aligns Orion’s belt which syncs up with the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. (For more on the history of 8:8 read Alex Myles last few posts).

What does this mean for us? Here is the message I channeled from the Goddess Ishtar:

An intense portal of energy is now open. You might feel a little shaky today. During this time period, you are asked to look deeper at situations and draw on your own strength to guide you. Take back your personal power if you’ve been giving it away in the past. You don’t need to explain yourself to others. You instinctively know who brings out the best in you and who does not. Don’t hold onto those whose lower-level vibrational energy brings down your ascension. There will be a lot of opportunities for love during this time. Reconciliation with past-life soulmates and twin flames may appear seemingly overnight. This is a time to get to know each other, be playful and lighthearted, and to spend time with each other. Love can seem like a vulnerable state to be in and a risk, but you are guided to use your instincts and take a chance on new love. Let your close friends, you know the ones you can trust—the ones always in your corner, guide you. Bounce ideas and concerns off these friends in your soul tribe.

You are also being called upon to make a detailed plan on moving forward to accomplish your goals. You have likely already heard your soul purpose call to you. Now you have to take steps to get to this purpose. How will you do this? Keep focusing on accomplishing these goals and leave the minutia out to rest. You’ll find guides (spirit & earth bound) to assist you if you call for help. Things will line up in your favor to help you reach your goals—as your true soul purpose helps you to help others. But you much take some action; you can no longer stay passive. If you are unsure which way to go or you feel drawn to multiple endeavors, go into deep meditation for psychic insights. Whatever you decide, go beyond what your ego’s telling you to do and make choices from a loving heart. If you find yourself in a place that no longer helps to elevate you to your true purpose, don’t be afraid to walk away from this situation. It’s not giving up. It’s moving forward in a new way. New ideas will keep popping into your head; write these down as they are Divinely guided to help you.

As always, you have the answers within—go deep to hear them!

Crystal recommendations for 8:8 from the Crystal Angels:

Amethyst – helps clear out negative thoughts, relieves stress

Amber – aids in manifestation, balances emotions

Rose Quartz – love, joy, emotional healing

Calcite – clears negative energy, increases positive energy, aids in spiritual growth

Aquamarine – boosts courage, helps you speak your truth lovingly

Be well on your journey friends!

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